'The Charles Dickens Show' - BBC2

It’s a spoof daytime show in which the celebrated author interviews A-list guests like reformers Lord Shaftsbury and Dr Thomas Barnardo, introduces a gritty video diary made by a youngster whose home is the workhouse, and vents his spleen on the issue of child labour.  Meanwhile, in the kitchen Mrs Beeton is on hand to rustle up the finest Victorian cuisine, and even Her Majesty Queen Victoria and her Consort Prince Albert take their places on Charles’ sofa of historical chat to discuss Christmas.

Live from the nineteenth century and packed with insight into Victorian life that is either hilarious or poignant, The Charles Dickens Show will leave young viewers speechless. Apart from the words, “I want some more.”

Programme Information:

Broadcaster: BBC 2
Distributor: BBC
Genre: Drama
Format: 4x20min
Production year: 2012

Directors: Metin Huseyin
Producer: Louise Brealey


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