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This is a three-part drama based on real events for Netflix

following the aftermath of Rachel Nickell's murder in 1992.


ALEX AGE 3 - looking for a child aged 4-5.

Alex has a white mother and a bi-racial (white / African) father, so we are looking for a child of appropriate heritage.


Alex is a happy child. He has two loving parents and he particularly adores his mum but then something terrible happens and he will never see her again. Alex and his dad have to start piecing their lives together again but are continually having to interact with very serious grown ups as well as moving house several times.


We're looking for a little boy who is comfortable playing, exploring and meeting new people. Obviously, at this young age, it will be directed 'play' rather than 'acting' and all content and situations will be carefully handled. However we do need a confident child who is comfortable with adults.

ALEX AGE 13 - looking for a child aged 13-18

Slightly older version of same character.  Alex is an angry teen who is furious at his life constantly being uprooted and moved to different countries.  He takes out his frustration on his father and has fallen in with the 'wrong crowd' at school.  Confused, angry and upset.  Full-on teenager with a difficult history 


- London based 

- available entire period August - October 2024

- appropriate racial heritage

DUTY OF CARE: this drama deals with a difficult subject but production are taking all precautions and working with chaperones and child psychologists to protect children throughout the auditioning and filming process.  The real story will not be given to the children at any point through the auditioning process but parents/guardians should be aware of the subject matter.


Netflix TV mini-series 

Submit your application

TO APPLY: email a photo, DOB, and name of the child with parent/guardian contact details to or click link below.  Please note in your email title either ALEX 3 or ALEX 13

Our GDPR Privacy Policy


Details will ONLY be used for development of this production.  Only people directly involved in the casting process will have access to this information.  At the end of this process all clips and details covered by GDPR regulations will be deleted.

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