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Lead role in a short film

We are on the search for a young working-class actress from London to play the lead role in our short film. 

It’s one of the most exciting days of 9-year-old Marla’s life. Her first ever sleepover with her bestie, and even better, she is having it at her Dad's flat. Marla can’t wait because her fun-loving Dad has promised they can build a den to sleep in. The sleepover gets off to a good start but when they're playing Marla finds something that changes the whole trajectory of her dream night.

Bright eyed, smart and excited, Marla is a full on pocket rocket with no fear and no sense of boundaries. It means she has struggled in school and her behaviour is often a cry for attention. She has a desire to be seen and liked. While full of a child's excitement she also has an emotional maturity that means she often knows what the mood is even if she doesnt know the details of what is going on

Please note that this film does include implied drug use but nothing is ever seen or directly referred to.  The child cast will be provided with appropriate support and caretaking.

Submit your application


- aged 9 or look aged 9

- based in London with a London accent

- available 27 May - 2 June 2024

This is a paid role in a professionally produced production.

To be considered please send a current photograph, name and age on the link below.  We will do our best to respond to everyone.

Our GDPR Privacy Policy


Details will ONLY be used for development of this production.  Only people directly involved in the casting process will have access to this information.  At the end of this process all clips and details covered by GDPR regulations will be deleted.

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