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Some hints and tips for


What is a self-tape? A self-tape is a pre-recorded video audition that an actor submits to the casting director or creative team. Actors film themselves reading select portions of the script (known as “sides”), then edit the footage and send it in electronically.

Self Video Recording
Self Video Recording



Find a quiet room that has no or minimum background noise/ is not a thoroughfare. 


Limit prop usage – often not necessary at all


make sure your face is lit from the front, avoid having bright windows or lights behind you


if you are using your phone make sure you have it LANDSCAPE not portrait

Typing on the Computer


NAME YOUR CLIP with your own name before you upload it - if you do a brilliant audition but they dont know who you are that doesnt help! We are forever receiving tapes with no name.

UPLOAD your tape in the system requested or if nothing specified, then use something like wetransfer, dropbox or vimeo and then just email the link to your clip.

Its really important so saying it again GIVE YOUR AUDITION TAPE YOUR NAME


Laptop Typing

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Make sure your face can be seen: the framing should be your head and shoulders unless otherwise instructed.

Some productions may ask for an IDENT which is just a short recording of you saying your name and what role you are reading for to the camera at the front of your audition.   

Make sure your voice can be heard. You dont need fancy microphones but keep background noise to a  minimum.

If you have someone who could read in the other character then that's ideal.  They should sit near the camera to get the best eye-line from you.  If you don't have someone to read just act as if you can hear them in between your own lines.

ENJOY the process.  You can send more than one take if you have significantly different thoughts about how the character could be played but no send more than 2 takes of any one scene.

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